We are a worldwide network committed to advancing Christian education through professional development, scholarship, capacity building, and communication. The network seeks to reflect both the shared view that Christ is central to our efforts and the local realities where we serve.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to serving Jesus Christ as Lord through the promotion of integral Christian higher education worldwide through distinctive programs, global reach, and decentralized governance.

  • Programs: Faculty and administrative leadership development are based upon rigorous Christian scholarship and local contexts for teaching and learning.

  • Worldwide Learning: Initiatives build knowledge and share effective educational practices arising from the specific contexts of network members.

  • Responsive Governance: Decentralized network governance gives equal voice to five global regions about network decisions and plans for initiatives. INCHE works for and on behalf of all its members.

Our Core Values

  • Distinction: We shape efforts distinctly with Christian faith and practices. God is the creator, savior, and spirit already at work in every corner of the world. Our goal is to discern what God is doing and be partners in advancing kingdom work through education.

  • Integration: We teach our professional peers and our students to engage intentionally as Christians in all areas of culture including agriculture, arts, business, education, health care, ministry, politics and sports. 

  • Collaboration: We collaborate with each other to shape emerging leaders from many countries for effective participation in families, congregations, eco-zones, neighborhoods, and nations as we span a shared world.

  • Attention: We strive to listen well to members as they describe the needs, issues, and aspirations that they must to address.

What We Do

  • Leadership Training: Through conferences and programs, we equip senior and mid-level institutional leaders with ideas and tools that identify and meet their needs in areas such as strategy planning, effective delegation, communications, institutional evaluation, and organizational change, all anchored in Christian faith.

  • Faculty Enrichment Programs: Provide periodic faculty development initiatives and publications that enable participants to stay abreast of developments specific to their fields of study as well as effective pedagogical practices.

  • Curriculum Development: Engage teacher-scholars from member institutions and regions to develop general education curricula as well as discipline-specific tools for integrating Christian faith and learning. The content and its pedagogical delivery must be informed and responsive to local contexts and realities.

  • Regional/International Events: Create forums for the exchange of ideas and practices through regional conferences, symposia, and workshops.

  • Online Resources: Share online news, scholarly, curricular, and pedagogical resources for the professional development of INCHE members.